Friday, August 21, 2009

8/21 Pictures and Video of Dad's Rehab (from Shelley)

We thought we'd finally share a few pictures and video of Dad's progress in rehab.

Family Pictures

(Note that in the picture with Auburn he is wearing the speaking valve and with the picture with me he is wearing the cap for his trach)
Dad and Auburn
Dad and Auburn

Father and Daughter
Father and Daughter, Shelley

Last Day of Therapy at Manor Care

We found out today that Dad will be transferring to Edwin Shaw for intensive rehab on Monday. And since Manor Care doesn't do therapy on the weekends, today was Dad's last day with the rehab staff at Manor Care that we have all grown to love and appreciate. Therefore, we took some pictures and video to remember them by.

Before we get to the pictures, I have one story to share with you from his therapy today. In speech therapy Dad was finishing sentences with a word (and did very well, by the way). For example "You eat soup with a ..." "Spoon." Well, he finished this sentence, "The children make too much..." with the word "Money" and began laughing, not just smiling, but laughing!! It was too funny and he had the whole therapy room smiling and laughing with him :)

Pictures of Therapy Staff
Katherine, the Speech Therapist
Katherine from Speech Therapy

Steve, the Occupational Therapy Assistant
Steve from Occupational Therapy

Donna and Heather from Physical Therapy
Donna and Heather from Physical Therapy

Video: Walking With Support

Dad is able to walk with the support of two people. Today, he wore his foot supports as he walked.

Video: Riding Recumbent Bike

Dad rode the bike for 15 minutes today!! Great job, Dad!

Video: Strengthening His Triceps Muscles


  1. GREAT to see you up and moving! Good job!

    Big Thanks! To PT. Glory To God!


  2. It is weird that you mentioned that Manor Care does not provide therapy on the weekends. I graduated from there about a month ago and had therapy 6 days a week for over 2 hours a day. Maybe it had something to do with your insurance coverage? Sometimes they limit such things. Anyways, glad to see you are all well.