Friday, July 17, 2009

Welcome to Chuck's Circle of Love

I plan to keep you up to date on Chuck's progress and recovery as well as some of the family's journey as we walk alongside.

Chuck is in a sitting position surrounded by friends and family. His eyes are open and he has had a comfortable afternoon. His sister Rebecca will be in attendance this weekend while I take Mandela to the east coast. As I am fond of saying, Chuck is as healthy, vital and whole as an unconscious guy can be and he looks ten years younger.

You can comment on posts and send messages to Chuck. Click on the link Send Chuck a Message in the sidebar at left. If you would like to send a private message to Chuck, start your comment with the word "Private" and the moderator will not post it on the blog, otherwise, after review, we will post it publically.

Love to all of you in Chuck's Circle of Love. Auburn


  1. Rebecca here, in Akron sitting with Chuck all weeknd, calling on the circle of love for prayers for my brother - Calling for miracles to occur, Praise God for the internet! God Bless you all in your support

  2. Write to Christy to get access as a regular poster (I think that's how this works.) Somebody try this please.

    I am leaving the hospital in preparation to drive Mandela to Princeton this weekend. It's a huge step for me to begin to move around out in the world again and to trust others to care for Chuck (and me). The doctor feels Chuck is progressing well and that his higher heart rate lately indicates growing awareness and consciousness.

  3. Hi Chuck and Auburn, I have gotten all my information from Shelley on FB. But I just want you to know personally, that Scott and I are always looking for news of Chuck's continual recovery. We are earnestly praying for his healing as well. If anyone can change his scars into stars, it would be you Chuck. We send along our well wishes and our love. Also, we would so appreciate if there is an address where we could send a real card.

  4. Lynn,
    Write me privately at and I will give you an address.

  5. Auburn, My heart aches for you and your family. I know it won't always make you feel better, but you have to keep the faith. Don't give up, and it's OK to get mad. After Garrett's accident I thought of all the things I could have done to avoid the whole situation and blamed myself, so I know how you feel. But it wasn't my fault and it isn't your fault, bad stuff happens to good people. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

    Love ya,


  6. It was hard to come home tonight to our beautiful home alone. All summer I had felt such an urgency and an impatience to get here and start my life with Chuck.

    Just as it was coming within reach, our whole world was snatched away.

    Tonight I'm not finding much peace. Rebecca handed me her meditation book and I promised her I would stop reading general articles about this injury that only bum me out. I hope sleep finds me.

    Rebecca is the exact the person on the planet. I need at Chuck's bedside while I'm away.