Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Auburn's Freind Jim

Though Chuck and I have never met, Auburn invited me to be part of this blog and she and I are old friends from childhood. I do keep Chuck's recovery in my daily prayers and do believe that prayer is powerful. My only thoughts right now for those who are able to visit in person are that generally people in coma are able to hear everything and I feel it's good to talk to Chuck assuming that everything you are saying is being taken in, even if he can't fully respond right now. I'm also a big believer in music, so if Chuck has some favorite music, or if there is some music you feel would help sooth him(harp, Gregorian chant...), it could be very nice to play that for him as I'm sure the acoustic environment of the hospital is not always a soothing one. I will keep Chuck and this circle of love daily in my heart.

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  1. Our favorite (well mine) these days is a recording from Jim Betts called Spiritual to the Bone. It's the old work songs put to brass (tromBONE) followed by an ethereal female soloist singing hymns. Chuck's a pretty accomplished trombonist in his own right. I gave him a bumper sticker once: Musician at Work: Stand in Awe.