Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Mandela tales from Princeton 7/29

I get such a kick out of Mandela's calls. He told this hilarious story about 80 Princeton freshmen piling into a hot bus (which had an alarm going the whole time they drove because somebody accidentally tripped it) and going to some "bonding" camp over the weekend. They bonded over how idiotic their counselors were and all the 5th and 6th grade games they had to play. "How did you FEEL about that game?" "Time for restoration of the dining hall." Restoration meant everyone had to get up and clean up. Mandela has developed a great sense of humor, a bit gallows, but hilarious.

He says he already has a best friend, a LaCrosse player and that every time he enters a room, people shout, "Hey! Free Mandela!" and invite him to sit with them. Several upperclassmen football players talked to Mandela about his budding leadership potential and how to make it work.

He wasn't keen on Descartes, but he's making Calculus fly. He says he loves keeping order, doing laundry. He is enjoying every single item his Aunt Nancy got for him, including all the towels.

Hearing from Mandela is like opening a skylight and letting the sun flood in. Go Mandela!

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  1. Auburn,

    I saw Zach's dad today and learned of Chuck's horrifying ordeal. I'm so sorry for all of you. Please know that you can expect rapid improvement. Healing Angels are working.

    I also learned of Mandela's success and oddly, I feel proud that I predicted his football greatness.

    You have my love,