Saturday, July 18, 2009

Midnight Post from Beautiful Home

It was hard to come home tonight to our beautiful home alone. All summer I had felt such an urgency and an impatience to get here and start my life with Chuck.

Just as it was coming within reach, our whole world was snatched away.

Tonight I'm not finding much peace. Rebecca handed me her meditation book and I promised her I would stop reading general articles about this injury that only bum me out. I hope sleep finds me.

Rebecca is the exact the person on the planet. I need at Chuck's bedside while I'm away.

-- Auburn
(copied from comments by Christy Ramsey)

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  1. Dear Sandstrom family all of you are in my thoughts and prayers, as well as the prayers of many concernd members of Adat Adonai, the messianic jewis temple in Ottawa Lake MI where I attend regularly. As my son has kept me updated I have passed along Chuck's progress to our Rabbi, and various members of the temple.
    May Adonai, (The Lord), bless you and keep you may He cause His loving grace shine upon you and may HaShem, (The Name), grant you Shalom! Your faithful brother in Yeshua,(Jesus) Tom Rayle