Sunday, August 16, 2009

8/16 Fundraising Campaign/Beginning Stages of Thought

Chuck is a fundraising professional who knows tons of fundraising professionals. Starting to brainstorm ways to raise money to keep our world together for the next year. Thinking about getting people to commit to "giving circles." For example, ask Vanlue to raise say $500 to $1000 for Chuck's First Year Benefit Fund. Ask Church of God churches who know and love Chuck to take up collections. And there are dozens and dozens of other circles to tap. We didn't let the assailant take away our building and its good memories from us (It is secured, cleaned up, and fully rented). We don't want to let him take any part of our life and ability to sustain it away from us either. Every time we keep our life and love intact in the aftermath of this horrible crime, it's a huge victory for us all. This crime doesn't have to go on and on and on taking from us. We can refuse this. We can fight back with love and unity of purpose.

Putting a committee of people together to brainstorm this with me. Channel 8 has agreed to cover any fundraising event or endeavor on the Cleveland news. Please contact me at my e-mail if you have more ideas to contribute. There can be wisdom in the counsel of many.

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