Wednesday, August 19, 2009

8/19 Busy day sleeping

Chuck might move to rehab as early as tomorrow. Had a wonderful visit with my mom and dad today. Got a wonderful care package from sister Becky including a stack of photos from our Jamestown/Barberton adventure, a killer awesome purse among other wonderful items. Sat on the front porch in the morning sunlight with my cup of coffee (after spending the night watching over Chuck) and opened each thing. I feel loved loved loved. I made a home-made trach cap last night for Chuck and he had the best sleep I've seen since he's become active.

Chuck slept a lot today. He was pleasant and sociable this morning but less clear in his expressions and less able to name people. He talked to Stacey over the phone and told her he loved her, Lauren and Allie.

Today I asked him what was my name and he mumbled something. I said, "Chopped livuh?!" He repeated, "Chopped livuh." I said, "I wonder if I could brainwash you at this stage." He said, "You probably could."

He kills me. Everybody in the place is madly in love with Chuck. Even in a coma (and coming out of one) he draws people to him and makes their lives better.

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