Friday, August 21, 2009

8/21 Rev. Christy Ramsey

Has been here for us from the very beginning. He's the guy who set up this blog, worked out pay pal, got me online access through a cell phone tether, gave me the number of Dottie who cared for her son through a similar brain injury, hooked me up with 12 step chicks in the Akron area, hauled me to Kiwanis for lunch, hooked me up with property manager, got me a cup of coffee when I wandered late into his preaching, made me laugh, insisted I call a counselor, schlepped the Kiwanis bell to Chuck's nursing home room and banged it, told his parishioners to substitute the word "Presbyterians" for "Pharisees", quoted "the great theologian" Oliver Hardy (of Laurel and Hardy) "Why don't you just HELP ME!" He says that's what Christians need to do. Just HELP. Not lay on more burdens.

Christy just HELPS ME.

Everybody go join Christy's church. The Presbyterian one up at 1430 Goodyear Blvd in Goodyear Heights.

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