Tuesday, August 25, 2009

8/25 Angel People, Gifts and Visiting

"Somebody" popped in during visiting hours tonight while Chuck and I were napping and left Godiva Chocolate Covered Pretzels and three bricks of Salvation Army chocolate. (We loves us some Olivia!)

We received a hand-knitted "prayer blanket" from Ruth Kaser and Brenda Farrell of Barberton Rotary with the following poem by Rachel Harris:

Into our hands the knitting needles called the energy
Down from the heavens, wound it 'round the yarn in intricate pattern
Lacing it through the weave, turning it into healing.
Straw into gold, wool into light, emanating from every loop filled with our prayers whispered from our hearts.
Please receive this lap blanket, curl it around you, close it over you like child's play and enter into the warm, dark, quiet stillness.
There you can rest, wait for the healing, make friends with time.
Let your body breathe in the secrets of the lap blanket. Feel the light reach into your [brain cells] mending, knitting, weaving them together in a new way.
Birthing a new body, creating a new future.

I covered my OWN self with that blanket Sunday night and felt surrounded with energy and comfort. Thank you, dear friends, for your prayers and acts of love. Soon Chuck will be thanking you too.

On visiting: My best guess is that the 6-8 portion of the 4-8 time might be the best time to catch him awake, but still pretty unpredictable. (We were both crashed from 4-7 tonight.) Chuck does thrive on seeing friends, so please do try to pop in!

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