Wednesday, August 26, 2009

8/26 Chuck in the morning

If I could speak for Chuck right now to express his attitude in therapy this morning it would be this:
"I'm Chuck Sandstrom. I have a TBI and I'm having a BLAST!" He had everyone laughing all over the halls. Unbelievable.

I showed up and the nurse said, "Well THERE'S the little woman." Chuck (beaming), "No that's the BIG woman!"

Both his doctors were thrilled today with his level of responsiveness and plan to get the trach out in the next 48 hours!

He counted to 30, recited the months, said he was at Edwin Shaw, laughed the whole time. In physical therapy he walked the length of the parallel bars with little assistance and stepped up and down on platforms the second round. He walked the length of the therapy room twice with help and using a walker. He was easily distracted by people and noises and himself in the mirror and veered off to the left a lot, but he's taking good, strong steps most of the time. He worked out on the bike/hand machine (same as video) for 10 straight minutes. He was tired and lost his joy, but kept working in that dogged way of his. He gets that this is where the work has to be done.

Occupational Therapist: What do we do when we cheer at a footlball game
Chuck: Go Princeton!
OT: What do we say when your son makes a touchdown
C: Yay!
OT: What do we do?
Chuck raises up both arms.
OT: Yay who? When your son makes a touchdown.
C: Yay Mrrr rrrr
Auburn shows him picture
C: Mandela!
OT: What is Mandela studying in school
C: Crrrr Srrr
A: Computer Science
C: Computer Science
A: He started camp today.
C: Great!
A: He said "Good-bye to his life."
C: Oh yeah.
A: He's doing very well, Chuck
C: (visibly brightens up) Good.

Just now, before his nap, he tried several times to say "I think...rr like.....muh rrrr rrrr." He was patient and started over a number of times, but couldn't make himself understood. The doc says his cognition is far more advanced than what he is able to express.

A wonderful morning!

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  1. sounds like a fantastic day for you both! Lynn