Wednesday, September 16, 2009

9/16 Becky sees Chuck after a month

Good morning Chuck followers!
I am pleased to report much progress is being made with my brother Charlie! I have been here since Monday the 14th. I have seen awesome therapy sessions and want to share my viewpoints of my visit:
Last month I was delighted to be the first to hear my brother speak, he said "good morning" to me - now, he is speaking thoughtful sentences to me and others. We are still working on balance and speech and taking great strides everyday in progress. We walk hand in hand around Edwin Shaw and even take the stairs with grace. I have had a blast, talking with and laughing with my brother and sister! what JOY to be able to be here and witness each step of progress this week. Yesterday we walked into therapy rooms as he was eager to get to work, even tho it was an hour before his scheduled session. Pointing out things he's unfamiliar with, microwaves and refrigerators was frustrating and I asked maybe we can incorporate things he is familiar with like golf. We have been having alot of fun, laughing and talking, opening cards and packages from loved ones. We appreciate all your prayers and support, God is healing Charlie! Praise Him!
will post more later today, God bless you all, loveya! Beck

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