Wednesday, September 16, 2009

9/16 Chuck Meets with Board Friends

Ric, Lois, Mary Jo, Tom, Missy and [I feel sure we had 6 visitors—apologies!] stopped by last night. Chuck met, hugged and shook hands with all, spoke a bit and listened with great interest to reports of recent grant-making activity. Chuck was greatly heartened by this visit and spoke the beginnings of several very clear sentences about the experience:

C: That was wonderful…
C:They were instrumental in my…..
C: I will be interested to see if any of them are truthfully giving thought to…
C: It’s good we have a plan to travel…

Typically these well-formed sentences end in words we can’t make out yet. The brain is relearning how to make the mouth move the required ways to express the whole thought.

What we have seen again and again is that, in his rightful context and role in the world, Chuck emerges: vocabulary, personality, orientation, sense of self and goals intact.

The doctor today allowed that therapy here is indeed geared to the “average Joe” not necessarily for people with great intellect, education and gifts. We will continue to progress to whatever degree we can in this setting and then we will find the cognitive therapists who can more skillfully assist in Chuck’s complete emergence wherever they can be found.

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