Friday, November 13, 2009

11/13 Crazy busy

We (I) definitely overscheduled today. We went straight from the pool at Gilcrest to an AFP banquet to a 10 minute nap, to speech therapy, to late for occupational therapy to a 20 minute nap to a funeral visitation for a friend. I've been driving all day long, Chuck has raccoon eyes, we stopped laughing hours ago and I think I've got swine flu. Okay, maybe not that last bit, but it's a sore throat, ok?

At the AFP banquet, we met the executive director of the Foundation for Hattie Larlham, a premier facility specializing in quality of life programs for disabled people. He'd like us to meet the CEO and COO of the organization. They've just launched a new program specifically geared to TBI and work rehab.

We (I) also volunteered ourselves (and Shelley and Stacey) to express our gratitude at the Victim's Assistance March banquet/fundraising event. This organization has been right there for us from the beginning.

We're very darn glad it's Friday, will be in bed by 7 and plan to lay about all weekend.

We laugh a lot over the idea of our roles being reversed: Chuck would be a terrible caretaker and I would be an even worse TBI survivor. I would be depressed, violent, miserable and abusive; Chuck would ditch me in a net bed or a nursing home or let me "accidentally" slip under the water in the bath. (It's Child family gallows humor -- demented, yes -- and it lightens us up every time.)

We're leading a meaningful life full of friends and activity but I think my next mission in life will be to design the perfect Adult Day Care facility for TBI outpatients. I feel like I'm getting in-depth field training in what family members shouldn't have to be doing. People should not have to feed their lives into a woodchipper just to get their recovering TBI family members cared for in the most obvious ways. I think constantly about people who don't have the resourcefulness, education, family and community supports we have. TBI could take EVERYONE down under those circumstances.

Okay, off the soapbox and on to my sick bed.

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