Saturday, November 14, 2009

11/14 Nea's Questions a Big hit with Chuck/Send more!

1. Do you remember the J.I.M. Song??? ( I do)

C: Yes... J stands for Jesus/And I stands for Is/M stands for mine all the time;
This is the song that we sing all day long
Unto Jesus our Savior and king.
[Chuck laughs and cries a little singing this for me]

2. What did all the boys wear on their on their shirts, & what color was it????
C: I don't know

3. What was the name of our family dog, when we lived in Maple Springs?
C: Pepper
A: What kind of dog was it
C: It was short and fat.
A: Was it a mutt?
C: Yeah

4. What kind of candy did I always get for you when I rode my bike to that store in Maple Springs?
C: Boy, that's a tough one. Try Reese's Cups.
C: What else.
A: Do you enjoy these questions
C: Yes, it's fun.

5. What was the name of the Raspberry-Flavored Ice-Cream Treat that had a toy inside that we always ate @ the J.I.M. Club?
C: Let's see....That is a tough one. I know. The ones I can't answer, ask the other J.I.M. clubbers to answer. Okay all you J.I.M. clubbers, what is the name? Okay, what else is on there.
C: This is fun.
C: And that'll be good too because that'll give people the idea that I know the answer but I don't really know it.


  1. From Twyla:

    What was the name of the hill where you lived
    when you were a boy?

    C: Wellman Road. Let me see. No. No. Let's see. The Wellman Road is the hill, but, uh, what would that be... the hill? Let's see.
    A: Did you kids have a name for that hill?
    C: Yes, but I'd say Wellman Road. W-E-L-L-M-A-N. That's fun. What else is there?
    C:Tell me what I said.

  2. After a call from Bill:

    C: The raspberry ice cream treat was Buried Treasure
    A: What did you have on your shirts?
    C: On our lapel it was a JIM pin. Red and white.

  3. Auburn: What was the name of the hill?
    C: Lindberg. And that is the person that lived there. Was a good friend of Larry. Grandpa.

  4. From Nea:
    6. What color was the station wagon we had, that got stolen when Bill & Peggy
    got married in Houston?

    C: Blue.

  5. Chuck says:
    Somebody absconded with it. The police caught 'em. It took two weeks. It was teenage boys.