Saturday, November 21, 2009

11/21 Saturday Recap

On Thursday, Chuck saw Dr. Hayek who was thrilled once again at Chuck's progress. Dr. Hayek may be inviting Chuck to speak at an Edwin Shaw dedication banquet as a former patient who benefitted from their prgram.

That evening, we attended another Salvation Army kettle kick off and enjoyed Capt. Jim Betts' company and raucous stories about the days Salvation Army people would go into bars with upturned tambourines to collect money. Apparently they used to send in the women because they always made more money.

We went to a TBI clubhouse function and met a number of people at all different levels of function. Chuck introduced himself very clearly to those gathered and seemed very moved to be part of the scene.

As of now Chuck has several scheduled and tentative speaking appointments: A Rotary Christmas Message, an Interview with Channel 8, Interview with Barberton Herald, Presbyterian pulpit after Easter, Victim's Assistance Banquet in March and possible appearance at the Edwin Shaw event. We will enjoy preparing a practicing those presentations.

The fundraising letters you're seeing all over the site are "in process" letters for our event in December and efforts to get the blog linked to Facebook and Twitter in advance of the press highlighting our story again. Please bear with this. We are not trying to "hit you up" for a donation, Circle of Love or be "tacky."

Sister Barb is here with us now from Texas and gave us both a wonderful, healing massage as a gift. I slept through the night until 9a.m. this morning in one bed. (I usually am up a lot in the night going from bed, to couch, to different bed.)

More later.

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