Friday, February 14, 2014

Chuck and Michael Ayers met in person today for the first time

Chuck:  I was glad to meet with Michael today.  We were good friends immediately.  And I expect to be a great help to him as he will be a help to Auburn and me as we deal with our stuff.  I am very grateful for Michael and Erica and look forward to our growing relationship with them.  

Auburn: I guess the most striking thing about it for me was how "normal" we  were: two families at Cracker Barrel having a meal.  There were a thousand things to discuss, family members to ask about, plans to make.  I felt INSTANTLY at home with Michael.  As I said to Erica, "I'm just not going to be able to hate this guy."   He's good-looking, open-faced, bright and well-spoken.  He is very involved with supporting his family now and has been getting up to Michael Jr.'s school every day, making sure he does his homework.  He has completed a lot of college level business courses, is getting his trucking license, and has a real fire in his belly to do the right thing in every way for everyone.  Chuck and I went with an attitude of wanting to be helpful to Michael, but it is very clear that Michael has a burning need to be a help to us.  Michael and Chuck plan to get together and attend church and 12 step meetings together.  Chuck says, "I want to be the best friend Michael has ever had." They're going to be an odd couple.  

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  1. Chuck I met your sister Rebecca on a flight to spend my last hours with my son. I just read your story about Micheal getting his trucking license I got mine in 1987 and quickt drinking that year because I could never get a DUI to loose them they were my sorce of income. I never felt to drink again and it was good. Later I became a Instructor at RoadMaster semi driving school. If he ever needs support in this or any area or has any questions he can e-mail me. It's on my website card I gave Rebecca. Allan Thonotosassa Fl.