Friday, July 31, 2009

7/31 A day in the park

Today, Chuck and I spent nearly three hours outside in the quiet and the shade. He got a good, deep nap, then woke up and we did strength training with his legs off and on for a good bit of time. Sometimes, we'd just sit quietly and he'd swing his legs like a kid fishing off the edge of a bridge. Sometimes he'd flex his feet and toes in a rhythmic way on my knees. Other times he'd push against my hands,shoulders or thighs using his full strength. His legs are quite powerful. I've done enough weight lifting to know how to get him good, resistant reps in good form. We're going to see his quads and glutes coming back in short order.

Since Chuck and I spent the vast majority of our time on the phone, long distance, when we actually got together, we spoke very little and just enjoyed one another's presence. That has not changed at all for me. I richly enjoyed just BEING and being with Chuck today. I do not perceive him as being absent but as being Chuck working his way through and out of a coma. I get the same sense of peace and contented energy I always got just being near him, no words necessary.

I got to come home tonight to my grand-daughter, Lauren. We played tic tac toe and ate goldfish and animal crackers (without Mom's permission after teeth were brushed) and read a book about potty chairs. Mandela is the rising and setting sun. Lauren and Allie are light and joy. Tomorrow we celebrate Lauren's 4th birthday. In the morning, I'll be joining the Barberton Kiwanis in a service project for Habitat for Humanity. Have a need to roll my sleeves up and get into this community we've made our home. Folks have done so much for us, I really need to get involved.

Moving forward every day managing rental properties, getting legal and financial advice, making terms with banks and lenders. Very grateful Chuck executed Durable Power of Attorney and Living Will documents for me. What seems clear today is that we will make Barberton our home. I will need to find an excellent job in the next little while as things unfold further. Things seem to occur in a kind of divine order and I'm going to continue to lean on that and trust. I possess a consistent energy and purposefulness that I'm using to full advantage day by day. I am okay. I am in love. My husband is alive and improving every day. The other life details will arrange themselves as they need to with time and daily attention.

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