Saturday, August 1, 2009

8/1 Working and napping

What we told 4 year old Lauren I think is a pretty good assessment of things. Grandpa Chuck is exercising his body and we are helping him make it stronger: this is what we can see. God is on the inside with Chuck making his mind stronger: this is what we can't see. God is in there with Chuck where we can't see.

I work with Chuck's legs when he's active, then we lay down and nap. We have good deep, still sleep together. Then we keep company and work the outward body in a purposeful, productive way using his momentum and initiation.

Had a Mexican feast and cake and ice cream for Lauren's birthday. Took care of Akron rental building: found a person to help me get last unit rented. Helped the Kiwanis paint a woman's home this morning. Heading back to Chuck's to sleep a spell.

I'm living in a kind of energy and clarity that stays available to me day after day. I am living in gratitude for all the blessings, all the open hearts, all the ability I find myself equipped with to meet each challenge, to embrace contentment, joy and thought for others. Above all, love and a sense of abiding peace in the company of my beloved Chuck. Still my haven.

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