Thursday, July 23, 2009

Chuck Turns His Head at the Sound of our Voices

He's had his eyes open a great deal today with some eye movement. He lifted his knee several times in the last half hour which is a new movement.

The Rehab Specialist Dr. Sanderson is going to try a low dose of ritalin as a stimulant to see if he might gain a bit more consciousness.

Rev. Christy treated me to lunch today with Akron Kiwanis. Good folks, good food. Judith came up from Findlay to help me sort all the recently-moved stuff from Findlay into more organized boxes. Continue to get an avalanche of cards and good wishes.

Gambina, who often helped Chuck keep the Akron apartments clean is coming in from Cleveland to clean up a recently vacated unit. She loved to make fun of the blue denim coveralls he wears for painting and repairs. Her message to Chuck today was "Wake up, man. You got a blue jumpsuit waiting on you!"

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