Thursday, July 23, 2009

Chuck's Friend David Shares a Poem

Chuck, I can’t help but be encouraged when I read others’ optimism on this blog: about your open eyes, your attentiveness, the considerations of moving from a hospital bed to a subacute facility. I am sure that every loving person surrounding you is hungry for the news of what you perceive. From here, I am grateful for your strength as each new hour comes. Before I got online here, I was reading the genius poet Neruda. You know how us fools studying literature love to quote the poets.

Here is a moment of joy from the Chilean poet’s THE SEA AND THE BELLS, written at this time of year in Chile’s winter:

The thrush warbled, pure bird from the fields of Chile:
it was calling, it was praising, it was writing on the wind.
It arrived early, here, In winter, on the coast.
A red glow lingered on the horizon like a thin strip of flag flying above the sea.
Later the color blue invaded the sky until everything filled with blue,
because that is every day’s task, the blue bread of every day.

Aren’t these the same miracles that the Psalmist liked to witness? Here’s to your own speedy delivery back into this world of wonders.

-- David Shevin

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