Monday, July 27, 2009

Chuck's New Home 7/27

Chuck moved today to a skilled nursing facility. I used to find such places depressing, but compared to the Acute care facility where nearly everyone was in a coma, this place was full of LIFE. What I'd give to see Chuck tooling around in a wheelchair, watching TV or making conversation like most of his compatriots here are doing. The nursing staff here is RELATIONAL. I was moved by the respect and kindness with which people spoke to him, the gentleness of their touch and the communication they all initiated with Chuck. We will have some issues to attend to such as keeping his environment more quiet and watching how they handle respiratory care. He'll have a private room by the end of the week which will help.

I've begun to consult with lawyers regarding our financial situation. There are many decisions to be made in light of many unknowns and I want another set of eyes on the big picture.

Chuck appears to be responding to some commands. He lifted his arm two separate times at Shelley's request and another time at Sheri's request. He is quite alert much of the day and opens his eyes whenever someone speaks to him.

We're going to limit his visitors this week until he can get into a private room. We don't want to introduce too much more confusion in an already small space with a room-mate.

I'm looking deeply into ways of making meaning for myself in this and many interpretations present themselves. Part of this journey will be inquiring into the very nature of my faith and what it does and does not require of me. James Baldwin once said something along the lines of "If it doesn't serve to enlarge us and make us more loving, then let's get rid of it." I'm applying this standard to my attitudes and motives. Psalm 91 talks about dwelling in the secret place of the most high. I seek to live in the secret dwelling place.

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