Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Creating a life

This morning, I awoke early, had breakfast and went to the YMCA. I was able to spend several hours with Chuck assisting with his care and then onward to the office the Salvation Army has provided for me to attend to the business of copying, faxing and managing Chuck's and my affairs.

A doctor Sanderson will be assessing Chuck tomorrow to see if he can continue to qualify to stay in this facility or if he is a candidate for a longer term SubAcute care. Shelley and I will be evaluating next steps, whatever they might need to be.

It seems clear to me that my job now is to create a sustainable life for myself. There are so many variables that I've given up trying to get my mind around all of them and am finding some peace in simply releasing the entire puzzle with all its details to the Creator. I follow inner leadings and promptings, moment by moment in a state of trust. It's not a bad way to live and I am living. Even experiencing some peace, joy and sense of safety and contentment.

I told Shelley that our lives are not on hold. This IS our life, and blessings are available everywhere. Much to be grateful for.

Love to Chuck's Circle.


  1. I will continue to keep everyone in my thoughts. I hope he continues to show improvement. And Auburn, I hope you're holding up ok.

  2. Auburn,
    Thoughts and positive energy being sent your way. Shelly filled me in about Chuck's situation recently. Congrats to Mandela on his new adventure... Keep you chin up! Lou