Sunday, July 26, 2009

Faith in what?

When friends ask me lately, "how are you"? I respond rather flatly with, "I'm fine".
"What's on your mind, you don't sound fine". What follows is the quandary I can't seem
to let go of which is, "Of all people, why did this happen to someone like Chuck, a gentle 
spirit, a kind heart, a peace-keeper"?  
I talked with Auburn on the phone yesterday and shared my question.  It has been suggested that 'he's just so good, that bad had to mess with him'. I don't know about this.  
I don't believe that "bad" has this kind of power. 
I learned that Chucks father and mother met
horrible ends to their lives at the hands of another. 
Now I'm really confused. All I can ask is,
What does this mean?

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  1. The Sandstrom brothers and sisters are rocked to their foundations, of course, with another world-altering act of violence dealt to another one of their own. Beloved Chuck.