Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Feeling something like happiness right now 7/28

Chuck opening his mouth on command. Chuck working his legs vigorously all day. Chuck... STANDING. Getting to lie down next to Chuck and holding him for awhile. Oh yes, this feels something like happiness.

I had enough hope to work out at the Y. I bought myself a few groceries. This is a grand day and it erases the major bummer of getting two legal advisor consultations in two days. Not that the advice was bad, only that it was aimed at eventualities I'm not interested in looking at right this moment. I will look if I have to, but I don't have to today.

I told Christy I entertained the idea of slipping into a clinical depression for about five seconds but ruled it out. He suggested I go older school than that and get "vapors" instead. I said I'd get "vapors" only if I was allowed to treat it with Grandma's Elderberry Remedy which contained legal heroin back in its heyday. The people who make me laugh are getting a medal and a ceremony some day. Maybe on the day Chuck and I have a wedding party and invite the whole circle of love to attend.

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