Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Therapy in the midnight hour 7/29

Was able to lay alongside Chuck tonight for several hours and it was deeply deeply healing to have access in the most simple way to his warmth and his being minus all the wires and tubes that used to inhibit my touch. As he worked his legs in that determined, furious way he's been working them, I put my feet under his feet and let him push against them. In this way, he was able to get some muscle-building resistance training and I was able to get him stretch out those Achilles tendons using his own strength. His right leg has a lot of power. The left leg significantly less, but I was able to instruct him to push with that one and we'll be able to build it up with time. When I left, he was in a profound, still sleep. This has been the best night for me (for us) for a very long time.

How good hope feels. How good contentment feels.


  1. I am an at least once daily visitor to the circle of love. Each night my prayers contain pleas to the Lord to be with Chuck and Auburn and each day I see that the Lord has been hard at work! I know that there are so many of us praying & praising out there.

    Chuck's Circle of Love is proof to all that prayers ARE heard and ARE answered. Proof that God's word is Truth.

  2. Susan, I appreciate your vigilance and prayer. We have all felt a great sense of divine sustenance throughout this difficult but blessed process.