Saturday, July 18, 2009

Mandela says farewell for now to his stepdad

Mandela had a chance to see Chuck sitting up, with his eyes open and having a major coughing spell. The sitting up caused him to clear his lungs and get a great natural work out. So much better for him than to have it artificially suctioned out. We find we absolutely have to be on the premises to remind caregivers to sit him up, turn him, etc., or too many hours go by.

Mandela's Aunt Rebecca helped him get the bicycle rack onto the car. We're packed and good to go at about 5 in the morning tomorrow. Fed Mandela two monster portions of pasta the Kiwanis folks brought us and took an afternoon to hang out with him.

Chuck seemed aware of Mandela's voice as he explained he was heading out for Princeton and that all is well. This is the first Mandela has seen Chuck since the very first day so he was enocuraged to see him looking more like himself.

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