Saturday, July 18, 2009

Very Encouraged! Afternoon Notes

I love it when I round a corner and find Chuck with his eyes wide open. Today, his eyes moved some and he seemed very much more present with us. Rebecca had us massaging his feet, praying, singing, slathering him with healthful lotions. He's on his way back. (A skin abrasion is healing, the swelling in one arm is going down, the bump on his head is diminishing. ) A friend of Chuck's named Gambina who used to help Chuck paint and clean in the Akron apartment sent him this message: "Put on those funny black shoes you wear Chuck, and get to steppin'. We need you."

Mandela is in Barberton. Car is gassed and oiled. Packing for Princeton underway. We'll be met there by my dad, a cousin, and an old friend of mine from college who is driving an hour and a half to give me a hug and help unload the trunk. Also will be met by Mandela's recruiting coach who is making a special trip to campus to meet us. These are also happy and proud days. Bittersweet.


  1. Hey Auburn, this is Larry Bohannon, Chuck's Brother-in-law. I have been thinking and praying for Chuck many times a day. I have the girls praying for their Uncle Chuck every night.

    I just watched the video of the prayer meeting.


  2. Sweet Polly told me about Chuck! You are in my prayers. Maybe Chuck would respond to the smell of lavender. Just a thought. Looking forward to more posts. God bless him and wishing for him to come out of the coma! Marty

  3. Nice to hear from you Larry and Marty.