Saturday, July 25, 2009

Rainy Saturday, Getting Moving 7/25

Spent some time with friends yesterday evening singing bad karaoke and drinking strawberry passion smoothies. Sat with Chuck until after midnight until he seemed in a deep resting state then made my way home to Barberton. There are several moments in most days when he seems to be present to us and able to understand. He makes more physical movement with each passing day.

Today I'm setting out in the van carrying ladder and tools. Need to change some light bulbs in high-ceilinged hallways in Akron apartment building. I have a handyman named Jeff to do some painting and odd jobs. If he works out, I'll let him rent at a lower rate. The Akron realtor who sold Chuck the building has offered to advise me.

I'm feeling a bit low today, but as I get moving around, it's better. I will be glad when Chuck is right here in town and I'll be able to build some kind of life around caring for the both of us without having to go up and down the highway with computer, briefcase and folders in tow. It appears that he will stay in Barberton for 30 days (or less) until he becomes conscious enough and eligible for a rehab facility. Please make Chuck's progress in the next 30 days a matter of fervent prayer and affirmation.

In other news, Mandela reports that he is "enjoying studying." He spent hours in the library making flash cards to prepare himself for a quiz. I'm pretty sure an imposter has taken over his cell phone, but we'll keep you posted.


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