Friday, July 24, 2009

Friday Night Date

It's Friday night and my date is here with my Chuck. Sitting quietly and listening to Valerie King's piano renditions of hymns I loved at Stonebridge. We listen to these, the spirituals from Jim Betts, Salvation Army brass, Chicago. We have a stack of cds now that people have sent to experiment with.

I am weary this day but at peace. Chuck owns a number of rentals in two states so that makes me a landlord and I have much to learn. I'm surrounded by kindness and help at every turn, and there are many many many details to attend to in a day. Phone calls, meetings, bills, insurance considerations and too many unanswerable questions to put it all together into a picture of how our life might unfold. The good thing about not knowing is it creates an opportunity to trust completely in the Sustaining Infinite (a name for God we learned in Sunday school).

Chuck continues to make progress each day. He will be moved to a Barberton SubAcute facility on Monday called Manor Care. We will be among friends and advocates there and closer to home. Sheri Sanchez has been Chuck's champion from the start and now we go to join her community of care.

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