Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Was this a coincidence?

So I've been walking in an attitude of trust today and I get an unmistakeable prompting to go have lunch with Salvation Army friends. Everybody is busy, so I sit down with a guy I don't know who knows Chuck and say, "I'm here to eat lunch. No Chuck update talk for 10 minutes. Thanks." He honors my wishes. We make small talk. Out of the blue, across from me, a guy introduces himself, tells me he has recovered nearly 100% from a shearing injury nearly identical to Chuck's and that he was in a coma for 8 weeks. He didn't know anything about me when he told me this. I blurted out our situation and he grabbed my hands and talked turkey to me, told me his story and his miracles. All is possible. And there are no limits to recovery. He continues to improve after 10 years. I was very moved. I have made a friend and will be attending his support group at Edwin Shaw, Friday 1pm called "Heads Up. No Boundaries." Anyone else wanna join me?

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