Friday, August 14, 2009

8/14 Chuck and Auburn's conversation

Aide: Who is your wife?
Chuck: Auburn
Aide: Do you love her?
Chuck: She's perfect.
Aide: How long have you been married.
Auburn: Forever
Auburn: Does your head hurt?
Chuck: No
Auburn: Does your throat hurt?
Chuck: No
A: Your bladder?
C: Yes
A: Pressure? Feel like you have to pee?
C: Yes
A: Bladder infections suck
C: Yes
A: We'll try to get more medicine to help you

I asked Chuck if he remembered Tim. He said "Yes, he's from B. House (Salvation Army)" Chuck mentioned a number of people by name and how they were connected to what. He asked about his job. I told him he was on extended medical leave. He took great interest in my reports about how the rentals and other affairs of ours were going and that I had it covered.

A: Do you know you have a head injury?
C: Yes
A: You were hit in the head by Michael Ayers. (No response)
A: There was the car you had to tow (Eyes lit up. He remembered)
A: It happened around the car. Isn't that crazy. (Look of recognition and concern)
C: That is really stupid
A: But you're getting better. We're going to be fine. We're going to roll with this.

A: You'll go to rehab
C: That's good
A: We're going to have a happy life
C: Amen
A: Soon you'll be able to come home and get into our big bed with me
C: I look forward to that

A: Who is this?
C: That's Mandela
I told him of Mandela's adventures at Princeton
C: That's great!
A:That's our boy
C: Our boy
A: Maybe we'll go to New Jersey to watch him play football
C: I want to go to New Jersey to watch Mandela

A: Who is this?
C: Stacey
C: Shelley and Stacey

His brain consists of people and relationships and events. He is relating very well to visitors during those windows he's with us. His progress is astounding some, but not all of Chuck's friends and admirers.

He repeated the names Bob Genet, Tom Harndon and others. He remember that he was going to play golf with Terry Avant. He said "Barberton" several times. He acknowledged Jim Betts and Olivia and Kady and Rev. Christy. There are many more details.

A: Are you tired of talking?
C: Yes
A: We'll take a break. We'll stop talking.
C: Thank you.

He belly laughed with the aides on his way back to the bed.

He pulled out his feeding tube shortly after he got in bed at noon. They want to send him to the hospital now to get it x-rayed. I'm going to prevent that if it's prudent. If not, we might be taking an ambulance trip today which would be exhausting for Chuck and I believe unnecessary. Skilled nursing protocols are a laugh a minute. All caution, little common sense. I'm slightly annoyed.

Moments later: They're going to allow him to NOT go to hospital. Hurray. Dr. will be in to see what's what.


  1. This made me cry, Bernie. I have such joy and hope for you both.


  2. Auburn,
    I am an STNA Preceptor at ManorCare, I don't see Chuck on a day to day basis but everytime I make it over there to get a glance at him I can see the leaps and bounds he is making. You are so patient with him, and you can't help but see all the love you have for him. "For Better or For Worse" , this must be the "Worse" that they were talking about, and the "Better" is soon to come. I will continue to pray for the both of you and will continue to peek in from time to time and see how much more he can do. Don't give up, Chuck hasn't. Sincerely yours