Friday, August 14, 2009

8/14 Message from speech pathologist

Chuck,My name is Scott Perkins and I am a flight attendant with your sister Rebecca. I was a speech pathologist for 20+ yrs and worked with Traumatic Brain Injury for all of those years. If you or any of your family have questions or concerns or want to talk to someone other than your great folks in rehab, feel free to contact me by email, or by your sister, she has my phone number. I wish the best to you and your family! Head injuries not only affect the one that suffered the initial injury but everyone associated with it, and I am pulling for you! Keep your chin up! Stay positive! I have seen patients make progress very quickly, some not as quickly and others slowly. Never ever ever give up! As long as you are alive you are able to learn/relearn any skills that are difficult for you now. Sometimes it may be more difficult to learn/relearn and it may be in a different way than you learned initially, but you can do it! and since we are from the same generation..........i'll leave you with one good quote........"patience Grasshopper!"In his gracious loveScott Perkins


  1. Dear Auburn and Chuck...what can I say? I am totally amazed!!!!!!!! I am in awe of the power of LOVE and the Spirit of God that encircles everyone connected with you guys ever since the injury. I am so happy for you all I can hardly stand it. YAY YAY YAY and more YAYs. Yay and AMEN!!!!!!!! Showers of more blessings upon you. Lynn snd Scott.

  2. Hi Auburn, Just sitting here reading all the posts. It seems Chuck has had a busy past few days. There is so much I would like to say about some of them but Im going to choose not to and address just this one. Sometimes I get frustrated and angry because it seems sometimes that everyone is an expert on TBI but they have never had one themself. This quote right here,
    "A person does not just 'wake up' from a coma. It is a gradual process of becoming more responsive and aware of people and surroundings. Rarely do individuals progress directly through the different levels of consciousness. Your relative may become confused, not recognize you, talk and behave strangely, swear, become angry.... This is a normal stage of coma recovery and it is usually temporary." Actually, its the last sentence that is wrong. It is not temporary. Usually, PTSD follows TBI and it is not fun. In the beginning of TBI we can not reason or figure complicated things out. We rely on our feelings alot. Yes, there is a trust issue so when some one wants to touch him other than you and family they should ask him. He is easily overwhelmed at this point, I cant stress that enough.He repeats things because his brain is trying to make new connections. I worry that with all the visitors and stuff he is going to get to the point where he has an outburst because he is overwhelmed, confused and frustrated. If folks care, they should call before they come so you can say "yeah, he's having a good day" or "Maybe tomorrow he's a bit tired now and needs to rest". Im sure they will understand because its what is best for him and you. One day soon I would like to come and visit him and you just to say hi, but you can let me know a day and time that is okay for you two. Maybe on a weekend when he is not having therapies and he is rested. Keeping you in my thoughts and heart - C

  3. Oh, just wanted to say the part about bright lights and loud noise is correct <3