Sunday, August 16, 2009

8/16 LaZBoy Chair

Mark from Bramwell House and I hauled Chuck's chair over to Manor Care yesterday so he could sit up comfortably without banging his legs on the edgy metal parts of the wheelchair. Because no one is there over the weekend to put on the device which enables him to talk, we converse with him mouthing "yes" and "no." He also mouthed "I love you" to me last night and several other sentences I couldn't quite decipher. This morning, after a great night's sleep, he is glowing with smiles and sociable with me and the aides.

Doctors tend to be measured and conservative in their comments, but Chuck's doc allowed that he was quite surprised and impressed with the rapidity of Chuck's progress from a small sound to a highly cognitive conversation. (I have since learned that when I mentioned Tim and Chuck said "He is from Bramwell House," this is information he would have recalled from the day before. Olivia told him this. He had never met Tim.)

Our new friend Mike who has a significant and inspirational recovery from TBI sat with Chuck yesterday for several hours and I believe will be a part our lives and community.

Chuck slept in his chair all night and I slept in his bed. It does us both good.

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