Tuesday, August 18, 2009

8/18 Golf and keeping Chuck's brilliant mind engaged

We found an activity that didn't bore Chuck to tears. Move over flowered bean bags, Chuck's got a putter in his hand.

He putted from his chair with his right hand. He has had significantly less use of this hand compared to the left, but the golf club reminded him. I saw him place and plant his feet the way he's done a thousand times out on a golf course to line up for his putt. He hit several straight in to the trap that shoots it straight back and his eye followed the ball all the way to the left, a direction his eyes have tended NOT to track until today.

There seems to be no limit to what Chuck will attempt and accomplish. I feel at a loss at times to know what to put in front of him or to ask. He's always been smarter than all of us and I can see the potential for us to limit him if we're not mindful, kind of like people who baby-talk to him.

I firmly believe that all his relationships and associations, past and present, can help him reconnect all that's already there. I've known Chuck only 11-12 years. I'm hoping as many close friends and family as possible from many different era's will come visit or write and engage him with all the stories he has stored in his mind.

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