Tuesday, August 18, 2009

8/18 Standing and sitting

We have had some conversation and some reading today, but Chuck seems less inclined and somewhat less clear on names of people in pictures. He said "cool" several times in response to Steve The Jazzman and occupational therapist's discussion about Herbie Hancock. Today we've been practicing simple repetitions of Chuck standing up out of his chair. He holds on to me for balance but is getting a better and better motion pushing himself up, flat-footed on the floor, and then holding the stand with less and less support from me. He sleeps well after work like this, and I look forward to more lengthy physical rehab sessions when he moves on to Edwin Shaw. We'll see a better sleep cycle then.

Last night, Chuck's dear friend Jean from the Salvation Army Women's Auxillary (of which Chuck is a member... yeah, I know) spent the entire night sleeping next to his bed and comforting him so that he was able to get several 2 hour sessions of sleep versus being up all night at the nurse's station. She's coming back to do the same Wednesday night as well. Jean positively glows with love and kindness and Chuck feels safe and comforted in her presence. What a gift.

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