Friday, August 21, 2009

8/20 "Audition" for Edwin Shaw

Tomorrow morning, the Edwin Shaw intake person will visit to evaluate Chuck's readiness to tolerate a rigorous rehab program. He is sleeping deeply now and our hope is that in the morning he will be alert for the interview. If not, there are still all the most recent progress reports from his therapists. I think he ought to be a shoo in.

I met with my own counselor today and did some soul work, then spent time this evening with a good friend and confidante. I'm grateful for my inner circle women/sisters.

My neighbor knows a woman who lost three of her children, one after the other, to a degenerative disease over the course of a handful of years. When my neighbor asked her how she could possibly have coped, she replied that she had learned that the people who could only see tragedy and loss in her life and therefore some huge gulf between their life and hers were in the outer circle. The people who could walk with her life, the love, the blessings, the struggles, the cherish-worthy human moments, the exhaustion, the humor, the hope, the untidy grief were the inner circle. She lived her life and accompanied her children in dying surrounded by her inner circle. I have a deep, diverse, blessed, God-given and growing inner circle. And God, am I tired tonight.

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