Friday, August 21, 2009

8/21 Visiting with Shelley

Had a powerful, life-giving conversation with Shelley today as we sat with Chuck, both of us deeply moved by the evidence of a profound and gorgeous Divine Grace operating in thousands of levels seen and unseen around and through Chuck's ordeal and recovery. This redemptive, healing, wall-melting energy is operating in the most intimate details of our own lives and histories as we come together around Chuck with our love and our pain and our attempts to piece together meanings and ways to hope and live. There's a constant buzz around his room, caregivers from other halls who want to be near, who want to share in the unfolding story of love and restoration. The young woman who cleans the floors and empties the trash told Shelley she felt like she was Part of Something.

We're witnessing healing of past, present and even future hurts and distortions in our lives, and new lessons and messages even from those we love who have passed away. I just received my ATandT cell phone so I can have unlimited minutes talking with my new-found Sandstrom siblings and nieces/nephews.

Chuck reached new benchmarks in therapy today. Lots of weight repetitions and verbal virtuosity. Hopefully Shelley will include more details at the end of the day. He is being scheduled to go Edwin Shaw on Monday morning. Lots of tears here and well wishes from the circle of love at Manor Care.

We'll have a good weekend of rest and then on to the next adventure.

Love to the circle. Keep praying. Keep celebrating.

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