Monday, August 24, 2009

8/24 We have arrived at Edwin Shaw!

And left Manor Care with fanfare. Photographs, hugs, gifts from administrators, tears, hand-shakes. The PT team photographed him in a goofy graduation hat under a sign that says "Congratulations Graduate!" Chuck was beaming and laughing, shaking hands and acknowledging everyone. Probably left a few broken hearts, but such is the life of a lover.

I drove behind his ambulance and several times he raised his arm in his back window to wave to me. When we arrived at Edwin Shaw, the receptionist told him he was in a good place where they would work hard and he said "We are looking forward to it."

You will all be relieved to hear that Chuck........(drum roll)......... is in a NET BED! They intend to leave his trach cap in for the next several days as a precursor to removing the trach altogether. Also, no more yucky feeding tube. They're pouring a couple high cal/high protein (like Slim Fast but not for slimming) drinks directly into his belly at regular mealtimes as preparation for regular food in the very near future.

We were so stoked to get there, but it was a bit anti-climactic just because nothing much more will happen today. All the evaluations will start tomorrow. I did chat with his medical doctor and will meet his TBI specialist doctor soon. Doctors on site. What a luxury!

This was funny. I was on the bed with him watching a trashy talk show and Chuck reached up and put his finger on the off button very definitively. (CJ, you'd be proud.)

Waiting for the ambulance, we recited the 23rd Psalm
A: The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not
C: Want
A: He maketh me to lie down in green
C: Pastures
A: He leadeth me beside the still
C: Waters
A: He restoreth my
C: Soul
A: He leadeth me in the paths of
C: Righteousness
A: Yea, though I walk through the valley of death I will
C: Fear No Evil

A:Say "Hey Brenda, we're going to rehab!"
C: Hey Brenda, we're going to rehab!
A: Brenda, we think you're hot. (Chuck cracks up)
C: (laughing) Brenda, we think you're hot.
Brenda rolls eyes.

I mixed up four letters to read CREA.
A: Chuck, what can these letters spell?
C: (Gives the merest glance) Care
I look at him, he looks at me. We both bust out laughing.
A: Dang! I should have spelled oxymoron or something
C: Oxymoron. Yes, you should have.


C: Rrr rrr rrrr rrrrr. Rrr rrr rrrr rrrr.
A: Dude, you gotta get this talking thing together.
Chuck cracks up. I crack up.

Chuck responds to people and positive energy (are you reading this Olivia?) He responded to Olivia even in his deepest coma. Visiting hours will be from 4-8 every day.

Phew! Pretty stoked!

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  1. You are continually bringing tears to my eyes. Your faith on this journey is inspiring, and you are a blessing.