Sunday, August 23, 2009

8/23 Day of Rest

Napped with Chuck and spent some other quiet moments with him today. He slept a good deal. I have detached from all worries and details today, sought nurture from friends, rested, prayed, cried, ate, worked on a puzzle at my neighbor Ruth's house.

Tomorrow at 11 am begins a completely new journey of progress for Chuck. I told the Manor Care gals they should throw rice at us when Chuck and I leave the building and get into the transport vehicle together. Select Care was the honeymoon suite; Manor Care was the Ritz with room service. One more three-week intensive phase before we embark on our life together at home where I believe Chuck's recovery can become total.

Putting together an advisory committee this week for a campaign for Chuck's benefit fund. Any brainstorming ideas for ways to approach this or volunteers, please write me at and we'll include your thoughts in our discussion.

Please continue to pray for Chuck's full recovery, and for all the supports in his life including the facilities and medical people who work with him, the health and well-being of his closest caregivers, his finances and future, and healing journeys for all of us who are in Chuck's circle of love near and far.

Tomorrow I'll tell you about the prayer blanket Rotary friends knit and blessed for Chuck.

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  1. Dear Auburn and Chuck, thank you for your phone message-the blankets' power does indeed work on both of you. Take care, Ruth