Monday, August 3, 2009

8/3 Another Possible Move

Because Chuck is so physically active now and because skilled nursing facilities have stringent laws about not using restraints, we will need to solve safety issues. We are looking to get him a) to a place with a private room or b) to rehab if he's qualified. Rehabs have "net beds" which provide safety as a person comes out of a coma, but Chuck needs to be able to follow commands somewhat consistently and to be able to sustain three hours of physical therapy. His legs are strong as a horse moving all day and he's bearing his own weight standing up. Also looking into proactive institutions for getting the rest of his hardward removed (trach, catheter and feeding tube).

Every institution so far has had its points of excellence, but we have had to be daily, rigorous advocates in matters large and small. We (Shelley, Stacey and I) request, inform, question, ask, cajole, wonder aloud, point out and, most recently, threaten (all me). Whatever it takes. It's the single most time-consuming and energy sapping activity, but the most important. I've said from day one, Chuck's care comes first.

Cup of coffee. Moment of prayer. (I should say I pray before I have the coffee, but that would be a lie.) Onward.

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  1. What tremendously selfish acts you are all doing for Chuck. Wouldn't he be just so grateful for you all. Well, I think he knows it right now. It would seem anyway, that God is letting him know that he is being cared for in such a loving community of people who want his very best. Chuck is getting what he has been giving. He has always been such a sweet man. I am thrilled he has everyone supporting him now. God Bless, LynnE.