Saturday, August 8, 2009

8/7 Request for normal conversation

I really would love to receive e-mails from all of you about yourselves, your lives, your feelings, your daily goings-on. People are being so careful not to disturb that I've got a bit too much of a silence. I'm only seeing myself online day after day. Please talk to me normally about normal things and let me know who is out there reading! I still laugh, I'm still irreverent, I think about friends, books and stories, I'm still in relation to all of you! Speak to me.


  1. Hi, I am a TBI survivor, tomorrow will be 4 years. I am so sorry what happened to your husband. It is like swimming in wet cement right now for him best words I can find. I am a bit overwhelmed with sadness right now and can not stop crying. I just wanted to tell you that I am here for you. I can answer a few questions that you might have as no one knows what its like to have tbi unless you have it. Every tbi is different but there are some thins we all experience same. He is as a child now, and if you look in his eyes you will see the innocence. All fresh tbi's have it. Although he is in that way he still must be respected. Its a double edge sword as you will find out. Dont forget to take breaks yourself cuz when he comes home and there is no more hype, things will be different. Keep you healthy so he can stay healthy :) Please be patient with him also because he has no sense of time at all. Just live in the moment is the best. My email is if you would like to drop me a line at your wish. May the Universe hold and comfort you and guide his energy to its new awareness now. All There Is(God)is love, and love is All There Is(God)

  2. Hi Chuck and Auburn. I am busy getting ready to go to Michigan tomorrow, but if you are really serious, I will take more time to write you guys with just what's going on with us. We have had some big changes in our lives in the past year. We will be moving to Michigan this fall. Jamaica, my youngest daughter who is 16 knows Mandela. I asked her if she knew a "Mandela" and right away she said she did and he was a really cool guy and she knew he was going to Princeton. She will miss FHS SO much. She is dreading going to Michigan. I feel so bad for her, but life happens. More to you later. I love to read and write as well, so maybe you will get "tmi" from me. LOL Love, Lynn