Saturday, August 8, 2009

8/7 Gratitude

As Chuck kicked and raised himself to sit from 3-5 am this morning and I was able to hold him and work with his movements, I let my thoughts rest on gratitude for his life, for my opportunity to be close to him expressing my love, for the nursing staff's gentleness and care, for the technology, for the comfort of the the private room, for Chuck's continued progress toward re-awakening.

After 5, we both slept deeply for a good four hours.

The medical bills started flooding in today and they carried an archive of the first life-saving hours and days: ambulance service, skull pierced to insert device, insertion of emergency airway, advanced life-support, CAT scans, Xrays, tracheostomy and on and on. We have come so far from those horrifying, life-altered first days, and it seems like a long time since Shelley, Stacey and I woke up crying those first mornings.

I'm considering allowing myself to be kidnapped by cousin Shirley and sister Rebecca to go be loved and made much of by the Sandstrom gang at the reunion this weekend, but have to weigh whether I can be completely away for 24 hours and whether that would give rest more than being right here.

Am beginning to receive gifts to the benefit fund and am most appreciative. I hope to learn who you are when I check in with the bank so I may thank you personally.

Just had a bowl of oatmeal with raisins and plan to take a shower and a nap.

See Daily Update link at left sidebar for medical progress.

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