Tuesday, August 11, 2009

hello from Beck

Hi there, Today Shelley and I shared physical therapy with Chuck. He was on his belly on a wedge placing his torso upward and 'tossing' bean bags into a bucket. It was difficult but he managed to do so easily with his left hand and struggled with his right. At the end the therapist asked him to toss the blue one in and he would be done. There was a flowered beanbag and a blue one. Chuck used the flowered beanbag to push them both in the bucket, which I found to be creative on his part. I was tickled by it anyways. Today Auburn and I were there for the speech therapist who placed a pacimere valve on his trach to allow him to breathe thru his nose and mouth and perhaps speak. Therapy was only 30 minutes and Chuck managed to hum to us! we enjoyed the sound of his 'voice' and will do it again tomorrow, hoping for more sounds from my brother. Thanks for all your prayers, God has His mighty hand on Chuck and progress is being made in baby steps. He is hugging everyone and will give a kiss when asked to. PTL will post again tomorrow

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