Tuesday, August 11, 2009

8/11 Thanks for the mail

Keep it coming. If I don't answer personally, please know I drink in news of the outside world with great relief. And it's nice to hear who is tuned in to our journey.

I spent the night again with Chuck and brought him to a standing position several times (hugged him close while he shifted foot to foot like the therapist taught him) and, with the help of an aide, walked him several steps to and from the restroom.

Continue to manage rental properties from his bedside with frequent trips to Akron to manage that building. Many small victories there and elsewhere; I carry a briefcase with about 20 folders in it to manage bills, receipts, credit cards, bank accounts, disability applications, victim's assistance applications, hospital bills, insurance premiums, leases, notes, phone numbers.

Going on very little sleep again. Will have to get strategic about getting myself some space and rest. Haven't figured out how yet, but I know this is only a season. The trip to Chatauqua and Chuck's hometown was restorative. I was loved and fed and showered with help. The elder cousins, aunts and uncles took up a generous collection and sat with me in a circle and gave counsel. We feel the spirit of Chuck's parents and ancestors and childhood all over. I hope to find ways to head up there for 2 days at a time as part of the long haul. Meanwhile, Rebecca and I are eating, dancing, laughing and raising hell in spite of exhaustion. Picture Sly and the Family Stone playing out of Chuck's door at the nursing home and two chicks over 45 rocking and rolling around the suction machine.

Too much information? Yeah. Well.

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  1. LOL to the Sly and the Family Stone refrence :) You know how when you had kids and when they said sleep when the baby sleeps. Maybe thats a good idea :) When he rests you rest also, no one expects you to be super woman :) You are human and there is no rush, so my dear Auburn, please slow down a little. There is no rush, the Universe is on It's time not human time, and there is no rush. Take care, thinking of you.