Monday, August 10, 2009

note from Beck

Hi it's Beck,
my sister Auburn has been captive in a strange town for 40 days under the most traumatic of circumstances offering grace and hospitality to those who come and go according to their own agendas and needs. It was clear to my family she needed much rest and nurturing so we did an intervention thanks to Barb, Paul, Bill Shirley and others, to get her to the Sandstrom Family reunion in chautauqua county new york. We fed her and gave her hugs abound and a peace which passeth understanding in the piney woods of Shirley and Georges home on Sandstrom Road. She slept in Grammas bed, and had sweet corn and waffles with Georges' maple syrup!
Tonite I read and wept over this poem Chuck wrote to Auburn and wanted to share:
"Impossible Love"
impossible....Who can say
what dwells in hearts of loving breasts?
from human knowing far away?
to heights unknown to mortal flesh?
what fills the pain of yesterday?
with JOY beyond most excellent bliss?
True Love...
No human voice nor rule can tell,
where love can grow nor between whom
For God transcends moronic bell,
and cultivates the loving bloom
Impossible seems to men,
Some shout, and point and vent their screams!
Pursuing vengeance there and then
while God allows impossible dreams.
who knew Chuck was a poet? I didn't.
I witnessed Chuck in therapy and he was very grumpy from lack of sleep. the previous updates acknowledged his progress and it was great to see him looking at me, I think he was kicking me on purpose and smiled for Olivia, which was great to see his beautiful face!
more tomorrow, glad I'm here,

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