Friday, September 11, 2009

9/11 A conversation about open-ness

C: There you are!
A: Wow. You are glad to see me?
C: Yes, I love you!
A: Earlier, I thought you were pushing me away. It kinda hurt my feelings.
C: I didn't mean to.
A: Well, everyone needs space.
C: Everyone needs space, except me. I don't.
A: I take space, but sometimes it makes me feel disconnected from you. I get busy.
C: Yes, I know.
A: Can you feel it when I'm disconnected?
C: Yes, I don't like it.
A: I'm sorry.
C: It's okay.
A: So when I get busy with calls and paperwork, I need to remember to stay...
C: Open
A: Open. I get it. I feel the difference.
C: Yes.
A: Here we are again. Are you always here, even when my mind is elsewhere?
C: I'm always here.
A: Sometimes it seems to me God is coming to me through you. Are you comfortable with this idea or is it strange.
C: Strange. It's just me.
A: Well I experience a sense of Eternal Love through you. That abiding love you used to talk about. It's a real gift.
C: It is a gift.

After this, Chuck jumped up and we took a vigorous walk all over the building including a visit to Lola (and Reggie), our good friends up on the second floor who are rehabbing Lola's knee replacement. Last night, Chuck, I, Lola and our other good friend Rick noted that each one of us had been brought to a dead halting spot in our lives and that we had a golden opportunity to reconsider our directions and priorities. We prayed a blessing over one another and the process. Chuck said "AMEN!"

There is a difference between open-ness and niceness or politeness. One connects, one isolates. When I'm operating out of niceness, I get tired. My attitude turns to tolerance and diplomacy and I get demoralized and weary. In open-ness, there is great joy, love and flow of energy.

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  1. in such tragedy, such profound thinking materializes. you guys amaze me and you teach me and you move me and you make me cry...not out of pity but out of open-ness and freedom and adversity and inspiration. i could go on and on. if there was ever a reason for what has happened to Chuck, could this be one?????? Lynn