Tuesday, September 8, 2009

9/8 Generous donors

I just opened up a bank statement for Chuck's benefit fund and saw that we have received gifts of $15, $50, $70, $75, $100, $200, $300, $500 even $1,000. We also ( I probably mentioned this before) received a note from a dear man who enclosed four single dollar bills, postal stamps and some winning lottery tickets (worth $1 each). The bank gives me names of donors but will not disclose the amounts given (for some bankish reason indecipherable to me). I am greatly heartened that individuals are moved to support us in such significant ways.

With God's guidance and the love of Chuck's Circle, I'm coming to the conviction that "victimization" does not have to be an ongoing fact of our lives, that restoration rather than dismemberment of our lives can be our story. Though we were visited by a wild and nearly death-dealing violence, we can continue our lives in gentleness, hope and community.

My two neighbors Kathy and Ruth leave home-cooked meals in my fridge for me to take to the hospital. Mums have appeared in our front landscaping scheme (from Ruth) and the lawn still gets mowed every week by Eberhardt landscaping. Jean is offering some speech therapy (in addition to SEVERAL donations) and Dee Dee from Hudson Rotary showed up today with a basket of mums and offers of networks of help for Chuck's home care when that day comes.

I'm beginning to get medical bills in the many thousands that don't appear to be covered by insurance (or will take a battle) and there will be many needs associated with home care and therapy that likely won't be covered, including tooth implants.

(May this outpouring of love from people I sometimes haven't even met continue to humble me and keep me in the practice of daily, trusting, grateful surrender to Higher Guidance. ) Thank you, dear friends.

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