Friday, September 11, 2009

9/11 Shelley's Visit (Updated Pictures and Video)

Yes, it's true! Dad ate his first meal since his assault July 1st. His lunch consisted of pureed chicken, mashed potatoes, pureed squash, pudding, thickened milk and thickened juice...and he ate it all! He seems thrilled to be eating again (pureed and thickened as it was) and will start getting three meal trays a day! Yeah!

Dad's First Meal!

Spending the Day With Dad and Auburn

I enjoyed entering the world of Dad and Auburn for the day. Dad walked, walked and walked some more (see videos below). During the walks, we sat down to take a breather. Notice Dad's shirt below that one of his friends got for him saying, "A'll Be Bach." Just say it in a low Arnold Schwarzenegger voice and then you'll get it!

Hanging our with Dad

Having Fun With Dad!

I enjoyed my visit today. On the way back upstairs from speech therapy Dad decided to walk and so I pushed his wheelchair. As we were getting off the elevator onto his floor Dad was saying something about the wheelchair. And I thought maybe he wanted me to sit in it. So, I sat in the wheelchair and then he wheeled me back to his room!

It actually was fun and I felt like a kid again and said something like, "Woo Hoo!" We took some hairpin turns and barely missed banging my knees a few times. As the nurses looked over at us they yelled out, "Be Careful!" Dad, Auburn and I started laughing and laughed all the way back to the room. Dad did pass his maneuverability skills test, but just barely!

Dad's First Post on the Blog

Auburn and Dad sat down with the laptop today, looked at Yahoo Sports and Dad dictated his first post to the blog. You can see his first post below.


Walking, Walking and More Walking

Dad has improved so much in his walking since I last saw him two weeks ago. Wow! He only requires minimal assistance for guiding and balance. Otherwise, he now holds his own weight! Check it out...

Climbing Three Flights of Stairs

His stair climbing is also improving at a rapid rate! He climbed three flights of stairs after going on a long walk!

America the Beautiful

In honor of 9/11, Auburn and Dad sang "America the Beautiful" together. Dad was able to remember most of the words although his singing voice is not quite the same! Nonetheless, what a great way to end my post tonight...

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