Saturday, September 12, 2009

9/12 Report from Princeton

Mandela pulled outstanding B's in calculus and epistimology/philosophy this summer. From his professor:

"It has been a great pleasure to watch you grow during this course. I especially enjoyed our one-on-one conferences and hope that you'll take your interests into the classroom more often. I think your classmates would like to hear what you have to say. Keep up your writing--you do some very good writing! Well done!" --Mandela's epistemology/philosophy professor

Today concludes football camp. Mandela created a buzz when he made an amazing catch in double coverage against the first defense this afternoon. The coaches took notice and said they NEED to get him on the field this year and that his hard work has really paid off.

I have observed Mandela since the summer of his junior year setting higher and higher bars for himself and consistently achieving them, even when I myself have said, "Geez Mandela, isn't that a bit much?" He is meeting every challenge with persistence and determination. I am enormously proud of his work ethic and his character.

Today, Chuck dictated, "Mandela is awesome." He also dictated "Shelley and Stacey are wonderful." "Honey is special." "Becky you're a booguh booguh booguh."
A: You can't say that to Becky
C: (laughs) Yeah. Say it.

C: Let's go.
A: Let's go?
C: Let's go.
A: Let's go where?
C: Let's go, period.


  1. Way to go Mandela! Hope we can see you play!

    And're TOO funny :) We love you!

  2. awesome! what proud parents you must be! Lynn