Wednesday, September 2, 2009

9/2 Note from "Nea"

This is "Nea', one of Chuck's little sisters. I had a conversation with Chuck today on the phone, & had to post a comment on his Blog right away!!! We had a REAL conversation, not just a word here & there!!!! Praise God!!! It was so amazing!!! Here is a synopsis of what we said. I said " Hi Chuck, this is Nea "!!! I am so glad that you are getting better!!! He said " Me too!!! I am working very hard!!! " I said " You are getting good work-outs" He said, " Yes- I am, it's a lot of real hard work"!!! I told him that I saw Rebecca today, & he said " Is she there???? " I told him that she just left. I told him that she sends her love. He said, "She loves me too!!!! " I said " Yes- she does, very much!!!! We all love you"!!!! I said that probably next week, he would be eating food, & he said " I will like that"!!!!Then he said " Good-Bye, Good-Bye"!!! Auburn said that this is the first time that he has talked so much for a while- she was so excited!!!Right after that, she called Rebecca, & Chuck talked to Rebecca. We are so happy about how he talked today!!! Yeah!!!Also, one more thing! The last time Rebecca went to visit w/ Chuck, he was talking about the visit. Auburn posted the Blog abt. it, & both Barb & I knew what he said. He said, " Rebecca flies ( he had said "files" ) He also said " I saw Rebecca". When I saw that Blog, I had to E-Mail Rebecca right away, & I could not go to sleep until I did!!! It was later, a couple days after that, when I found out that Barb thought the same thing!!!In my opinion, brothers & sisters always have a special bond, especially when something happens. One way or another, we reach out to each other, to lift each other up!!!We have always been that way!!! I will call more often now!!!Love,"Nea"

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